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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Dr J D Bapat

The list of blogs or webpages on fuel cell technology, created by Dr J D Bapat is given below. Just click on the relevant link to read the blog or webpage.

SOFC – Future source of sustainable power

Solid oxide fuel cell

The blog gives a brief description of solid oxide fuel cell, including design features, fuel options, electrodes and electrolytes.

Fuel cell developments

In this blog, the author Dr J D Bapat, summarises the current developments in fuel technology and the market

Fuel Cell Society of India (FCSI)

View FCSI Linkedin Group

The Fuel Cell Society of India (FCSI) is an association of professionals to promote research, industry and trade in fuel cells and allied industry. The focus will be on materials, modeling, manufacturing and applications. It is a voluntary organisation and shall engage in organising seminars, workshops, training programmes at national and international level. It is also proposed to bring out a periodic publication in print form which will include technical papers on the subject. The FCSI shall strive to promote research and innovation in the academic institutions, R&D laboratories and industry.

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